Renesas Electronics R-IN32M4-CL2 Industrial Ethernet communication IC

04 September, 2015 by | Supplied by: Braemac Pty Ltd

Renesas Electronics has announced the R-IN32M4-CL2 Industrial Ethernet communication application specific standard product (ASSP). The device product extends the family of the R-IN32M3 platform, which incorporates hardware accelerators supporting real-time operating system (RTOS) performance as well as ethernet packet handling.

Big data analytics

01 September, 2015 by Paul Pilotte, Technical Marketing Manager, MathWorks | Supplied by: MathWorks Australia

Up until recently, only data scientists were able to make sense of big data. Today, rather than hiring these specialists, companies expect their existing domain experts to be able to do the same work. Thankfully, analytics tools have evolved to address the challenges associated with big data, and you don't have to be an expert at Java programming to use them.  

Keysight Technologies APS N6900 Series DC power supplies performance options

21 August, 2015 by | Supplied by: Keysight Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Keysight Technologies has introduced four performance options for its Advanced Power System (APS) N6900 Series DC power supplies. The options boost test-system versatility and make it easy for test engineers to tune power supply capability.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening Electronics Engineered Standards Program

18 August, 2015 by | Supplied by: STANLEY Engineered Fastening

The Electronics Engineered Standards Program from STANLEY Engineered Fastening is said to reduce design times by 40% or more for micromechanical assembly components.

National Instruments releases LabVIEW 2015

06 August, 2015 by | Supplied by: National Instruments Aust Pty Ltd

National Instruments has released the LabVIEW 2015 system design software that delivers speed improvements, development shortcuts and debugging tools to empower developers to efficiently interact with the systems they create.

Designing heat-resistant circuits for Venus Rover

31 July, 2015 by

US-based fabless semiconductor company Ozark Integrated Circuits Inc. will be designing heat-resistant circuits for a proposed Venus Landsailing Rover.

Designing PCBs

29 July, 2015 by | Supplied by: QualiEco Circuits Pty Ltd

Designing and manufacturing PCBs is a complex process that involves many steps and considerations. This is the first article in a three-part series on designing PCB. This article details the types of PCBs and explains why it's important for designers to understand manufacturers' capability statements.

Future quantum technology

29 July, 2015 by

Researchers have discovered a new type of photonic channels, where back and forth are not equal distances. Such a system has been a missing component for building quantum photonic circuits on a large scale.

Power supplies in industrial plants

28 July, 2015 by Bianca Aichinger, Product Marketing Manager | Supplied by: RECOM Asia Pte Ltd

DIN rail power supplies play a central role in industrial plants but often attract little attention, despite the fact that power supply failures can bring production to a halt, causing huge costs.

Power supplies 101

23 July, 2015 by | Supplied by: Digi-Key Electronics

Power supplies are essential components of electronic devices. The basics of linear and switching power supplies, along with their benefits, are detailed in the article below.

Synthesising graphene in silicon microelectronics

23 July, 2015 by American Institute of Physics

Korean researchers have developed a microelectronics-compatible method to grow 4″ diameter, high-quality, multilayer graphene on desired silicon substrates.

Design democratisation

10 July, 2015 by Paul Cox | Supplied by: MathWorks Australia

Supporting a burgeoning spirit of 'democratisation' in micro-manufacturing, 3D printing is quickly growing in popularity across Australia's active community of makers.

Algocraft WriteNow! ISP programming technology

04 July, 2015 by | Supplied by: Redback Test Services

Algocraft has designed WriteNow! ISP programming technology that allows users to reach the theoretical programming speed for any given device on up to eight devices at once.

National Instruments LabVIEW 2015 system design software

04 July, 2015 by | Supplied by: National Instruments Aust Pty Ltd

NI LabVIEW is a development environment optimised for engineers and scientists creating test, measurement and control applications.

Mathworks MATLAB Release 2015a design software

02 July, 2015 by | Supplied by: MathWorks Australia

With MATLAB Release 2015a, enhancements to signal processing and wireless communications products make it easy to analyse signals. Users can perform antenna-to-bits simulation, over-the-air testing and smart RF design, as well as develop real-time DSP algorithms for streaming audio devices and smart sensors.

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