Sintrones ABOX-5000G1 embedded PC

17 November, 2017 by | Supplied by: Backplane Systems Technology Pty Ltd

The ABOX-5000G1 is the first in a line of small form-factor embedded GPU computing platforms to be released from Sintrones. Suitable for GPU computing and machine vision applications, it comes equipped with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU, sporting 2 GB of GDDR5 memory.

maxon motor EC-i 30 mm brushless DC motor range

16 November, 2017 by | Supplied by: maxon motor Australia Pty Ltd

maxon motor has released a range of 30 mm diameter brushless DC motors in versions that are said to offer increased torque and increased speed.

EMEA's first Industry 4.0 modem developed

16 November, 2017 by

ercogener has developed its first Industry 4.0 modem using u-blox LTE Cat M1 cellular technology. The modem is designed to meet the requirements of the recently announced Orange LTE Cat M1 network, which will be launched across Europe in 2018.

Quectel BG96MA LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS module

16 November, 2017 by | Supplied by: Elecom Electronics Supply

BG96MA is a global version of the BG96 LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS smart module, supporting multimode technologies with a maximum data rate of 375 Kbps downlink and uplink.

Aplex Technologies ViPAC 8XX and 9XX Series panel PCs

14 November, 2017 by | Supplied by: Backplane Systems Technology Pty Ltd

Aplex Technologies' ViPAC 8XX and 9XX Series of 15″ to 32″ panel PCs are suitable for all tasks in the PC-based automation industry.

Beryllium-doped gallium nitride for next-gen power electronics

13 November, 2017 by

Aalto University physicists have discovered a microscopic mechanism that will allow gallium nitride semiconductors to be used in electronic devices that distribute large amounts of electric power. Their secret? Doping gallium nitride with beryllium atoms.

Avoid the automotive cybersecurity speed trap

10 November, 2017 by | Supplied by: STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd

Among connected-car enthusiasts, cybersecurity is the looming speed trap. If, as Gartner Research projects, there will be a quarter of a billion cars on the road by 2020 connected with Wi-Fi hotspots and Bluetooth, something will need to keep hackers from exploiting those connections.

Graphene-based material lights the way to ultralow-power transistors

10 November, 2017 by

An international team of scientists has discovered what they believe to be a new route to ultralow-power transistors. The key to their research lay in the use of a graphene-based composite material.

Renesas R-Car D3 system-on-chip for 3D clusters

10 November, 2017 by | Supplied by: Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics has announced its high-performance R-Car D3 automotive infotainment system system-on-chip (SoC), designed to expand the use of 3D graphics instrument clusters (3D clusters) that support 3D graphics displays in entry-class cars.

Metal-silicone microstructures could enable new optical devices

06 November, 2017 by

Japanese and German researchers have used a single-step, laser-based method to produce small, precise hybrid microstructures of silver and flexible silicone. Their technology could one day enable smart factories that use a single production line to mass-produce customised devices combining soft materials with hard materials.

Toyota to release autonomous vehicles in 2020

03 November, 2017 by | Supplied by: Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics has announced that its automotive technologies will drive Toyota's autonomous vehicles, which are presently under development and scheduled for commercial launch in 2020.

'Invisible glass' has almost no surface reflections

03 November, 2017 by

US scientists have demonstrated a method for reducing the surface reflections from glass surfaces to nearly zero by etching tiny nanoscale features into them. Reflections are reduced so much that the glass essentially becomes invisible.

Shine bright like a nanodiamond

02 November, 2017 by Lauren Davis

Macquarie University researchers have made a single tiny diamond shine brightly — a behaviour known as superradiance — at room temperature, paving the way for nanodiamonds to be used in navigation, biomedical imaging, solar cells and more.

EPCOS MotorCap B32355C series motor run capacitors

02 November, 2017 by | Supplied by: EPCOS

The B32355C series EPCOS MotorCap motor run capacitors are designed for a high continuous operating temperature of 100°C.

IEI PPC-F19B-BT 19″ intelligent industrial panel PC

01 November, 2017 by | Supplied by: ICP Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

IEI Integration has released its intelligent 19″ industrial metal bezel panel PC, the PPC-F19B-BT. Powered by the Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core SoC, the panel PC can support up to 8 GB of DDR3L SO-DIMM.

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