Accelerating towards a driverless future

Cars speeding along a motorway set in a futuristic landscape populated by beings dressed in silver metallic suits used to be the stuff of comics and those deep into science fiction. However, some of those imaginative images could well become reality within the next 10 years as autonomous or driverless vehicles steer out of the laboratory and onto the roads. Read more »

Join us at this week's ElectroneX expo

Over 1200 electronics engineers and decision makers will come together this week for the annual electronics expo ElectroneX. Read more »

Sparking youth's curiosity

When you consider how we are surrounded by technology that affects our daily lives, it is surprising that technology is not better understood and even embraced - especially by the young. Read more »

Featured Products

Takachi AW series IP67 heatsink enclosures
The Takachi AW series are robust, aluminium, profile-based enclosures with an IP67 waterproof seal and external mounting flanges. Th...
Systec PLCcore-9263 PLC development kit
The Systec PLCcore-9263 development kit is a complete package, based on a compact PLC with integrated target visualisation, which en...
Rolec aluCASE die-cast enclosures range
Rolec has extended its aluCASE range of die-cast aluminium electronics and electrical enclosures with four extra sizes: 280 x 250 x ...
Mornsun PV(R) series DC/DC converters
Mornsun's PV(R) series of DC/DC converters feature an ultrawide input voltage range of 6:1 (200-1200 VDC), 4000 VDC isolation an...
Anritsu Network Master Pro MT1000A network transport tester
As network operators install technologies such as OTN, MPLS-TP and Ethernet in their metro and backhaul networks, the operator needs...
RECOM R-78W series switching regulator
RECOM has introduced its wired switching regulator, the R-78W series. The wired version of the R-78 is intended for use in applicati...
Rohde & Schwarz SGT100A vector signal generator and FPS signal and spectrum analyser
Rohde & Schwarz has released the FPS signal and spectrum analyser and the SGT100A vector signal generator - two products which a...
maxon DCX 2RMF and SCH small DC servo motors extended encoder range
maxon DCX motors have online configuration and an automated production facility. This allows the user to directly modify the feature...
Advantech PPC-6120 panel PC
Advantech's Industrial Automation Group has announced that the multifunction PPC-6120 now comes with the ability to allow users ...
Micro-Air Mig2 series 365-day time switch
The Mig2 series 365-day time switch has many time- and energy-saving features. It includes two parts connectors for quick wiring, re...

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