Australian discovery could lead to improved printed electronics

University of Melbourne researchers have discovered highly sought-after ‘nematic liquid crystals’ that could lead to improved solar panels and printed electronics. Read more »

Challenges in cable assembly moulding and how to overcome them

For clients who truly understand the process of cable assembly moulding, the selection of a vendor is the key to procuring a robust and reliable product. While a moulded cable assembly can offer significant advantages over a similar product with a mechanical construction, the art of insert moulding remains somewhat of a mystery to cable assembly consumers. Read more »

GraphExeter could revolutionise flexible electronics

Researchers at the University of Exeter have discovered that GraphExeter - a material adapted from graphene - can withstand prolonged exposure to both high temperature and humidity. Read more »

Featured Products

celduc relais Ecom temperature controller
The Ecom is a compact temperature controller claimed to incorporate the latest measuring and control technology. Pluggable on a celd...
Steatite Q-par Antennas 0.5-8 GHz wideband spiral antenna
Steatite Q-par Antennas has launched the 0.5-8 GHz right- or left-hand circularly polarised spiral antenna fitted with an SMA-type c...
Keithley Series 2268 DC power supplies
The Series 2268 850 W DC power supplies, providing voltage from 20 to 150 V and current from 5.6 to 42 A output levels, are well sui...
Hammond Electronics 1593HAMEGG bareboard computer enclosures
Hammond Electronics has announced its 1593HAMEGG enclosures - board-specific designs for the Arduino and Raspberry Pi bareboard comp...
OKW Datec-Compact S and L handheld enclosures
OKW has completed its range of Datec-Compact outdoor handheld enclosures by adding sizes S and L to the existing M models. The units...
Anritsu MT8852B Bluetooth Test Set with v4.2 BLE Data Length Extension
Anritsu introduces an option for its MT8852B Bluetooth Test Set that supports the Data Length Extension associated with Bluetooth Lo...
Tektronix TekSmartLab TSL3000A wireless lab instrument management software
Tektronix TekSmartLab connects instruments to a network by converting USB ports to Wi-Fi ports. The wireless lab instrument manageme...
Tektronix MDO4000B Series mixed domain oscilloscope
Tektronix mixed domain oscilloscopes are said to be the only oscilloscopes with an integrated spectrum analyser that can capture tim...
ARM Keil MDK Development Kit for ARM-based microcontrollers
ARM has announced special editions of the Keil MDK Development Kit for ARM-based microcontrollers from Atmel, Freescale, Infineon, S...
IEI PPC-F H81 Series intelligent industrial panel PC
IEI Technology's intelligent industrial metal bezel panel PC, the PPC-F H81 Series, is based on the Intel H81 chipset. Powered b...

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