Process roadmap for memory devices marches on as 3D looms

The ongoing reduction in feature sizes used to manufacture integrated circuits has enhanced memory-chip performance by increasing per-chip storage capacities, lowering power consumption and improving the speed in which memory devices can store and retrieve data (ie, memory bandwidth), says IC Insights. Read more »

ElectroneX returns next month

It's that time of the year again - when the best minds in the electronics design engineering and manufacturing industry descend on Sydney for the annual electronics design and assembly expo, ElectroneX. Read more »

Origami-inspired, self-folding robots

MIT and Harvard University researchers have developed reconfigurable robots that can fold themselves into arbitrary shapes. Read more »

Featured Products

maxon DCX 2RMF and SCH small DC servo motors extended encoder range
maxon DCX motors have online configuration and an automated production facility. This allows the user to directly modify the feature...
Advantech PPC-6120 panel PC
Advantech's Industrial Automation Group has announced that the multifunction PPC-6120 now comes with the ability to allow users ...
Embedded Logic Solutions Stockit stock management and planning software tool
Stockit is a management and planning software tool designed to automate the task of inventory control and production kitting. It is ...
Micro-Air Mig2 series 365-day time switch
The Mig2 series 365-day time switch has many time- and energy-saving features. It includes two parts connectors for quick wiring, re...
ROC-SOLID MDP-1502-01 tactical display
ROC-SOLID has released its 15″ tactical display suited to all land, sea and air applications. Designed and manufactured in Ade...
RECOM RAC01 and RAC02 series AC/DC modules
RECOM's 1 and 2 W AC/DC converters, the RAC01 and RAC02 series, bring AC into the user’s boards with full protection and s...
Mornsun CAN transceiver modules
Mornsun CAN/RS485/RS232 devices are isolation transceiver modules that integrate the transceiver chip and isolation chip. They are c...
Weller BP865CEU dual battery-powered soldering iron
The Weller BP865CEU dual battery-powered soldering iron delivers either 6 W of power on low setting level I (380°C) or 8 W on hi...
Rohde & Schwarz ZNBT8 multiport vector network analyser
The R&S ZNBT8 is claimed to be the first multiport vector network analyser offering up to 24 integrated test ports. The ins...
Radiocrafts TinyMesh RC1140 and RC2500(HP) RF modules
Radiocrafts TinyMesh is a powerful multi-hop mesh protocol with bidirectional wireless communication for control and monitoring of i...

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